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What is Snap n Grip?

Snap n grip is a multipurpose wrench that provide an instant solution to all the problems relating with taps, valves, pipes and piping, radiators boilers, wheels, etc. The product is a set of two wrenches that suits all shapes and sizes. Snap n grip wrench is efficient and easy to use in day to day problems.

How is it beneficial?

Snap n grip wrench is a beneficial tool to have in daily life. Some of the amazing benefits of this product include -

  • Two universal wrenches for every nut and bolt.
  • Light in weight and can adjust to bolt different bolt sizes from 9mm to 32mm.
  • Efficient an practical to use in everyday life.
  • Instant solution for all bolt problems.

What all is included in product package?

The following items are included in snap’n grip product package -

  • Small, 8-3/8"L
  • Large, 11-1/8"L
  • Both wrench has a rubberized grip.

How to order?

  • Visit our website, fill in the order form and place your order.
  • You can also call on the phone numbers available on our website to order this product.

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